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Does it work on cats?

Yes! Groom Ninja is great for cats. We recommend the small Groom Ninja for most cats, but some long haired cat owners do prefer the medium Groom Ninja.

Does it work on dogs?

The Groom Ninja works on short haired, long haired and double coated dogs. It sheds the undercoat of fur without cutting the longer guide hairs on double coated dogs. The non shedding dog breeds like Shih Tzu's and Poodle's for example, have received some mixed feed back but people get the Groom Ninja to help with the dirt and dander. We recommend the small Groom Ninja for small to medium dogs and the medium Groom Ninja for medium to large dogs.

Does it work on rabbits?

It does! The Groom Ninja sheds and cleans the loose and shedding fur from rabbits. We recommend the small Groom Ninja for all bunnies and rabbits.

Does it work on horses?

It is excellent on horses! And cleans saddle pads. We recommend the combo pack of all three sizes of the Groom Ninja for different parts of the horse.

Does it cut or shave the coat?

No.  The Groom Ninja is not a shaving tool.  It is a shedding, grooming  and cleaning  tool. It removes hair, dirt and dander year round. It does not cut or shave fur or hair.

Will it cut my pet’s skin?

No. Just like with any shedding tool out there, when used correctly the Groom Ninja will not cut skin. See our video for proper usage

What size is best for my pet?

Large is for horses and cattle.

Medium is for horses, medium to large dogs, goats, donkeys, llamas and cats. 

Small is for cats, rabbits, small to medium dogs. Or smaller areas on large pets (like their legs or faces). All sizes can be used on cloth upholstery.

What is the warranty?

You have 30 days to love it or return it for a refund, after that a one year replacement guarantee.

What else does the Groom Ninja work on?

It works great on saddle pads, carpets, cloth upholstery amongst other things. Always try it in an inconspicuous area first.