14 Hard to Groom Dogs and the Groom Ninja Dog Grooming Tool

March 27, 2017

14 Hard to Groom Dogs and the Groom Ninja Dog Grooming Tool

Fortunately for humans there are hundreds of breeds of dogs eager to claim a human as their own. As varied as these dogs personalities are are their coats and grooming needs. Be it different areas of the world the dog breed originates from or specialty doggy cuts - each breed has their own needs and deserves to be treated with the proper care and love they give to their owners.

Groom Ninja is the best of the best dog grooming tools we make it easy for the dog lover that owns a few dogs of different sizes and breeds with an all in one dog grooming tool that can take the place of long haired dog grooming tools and a short hair dog brush in one convenient pice.

  • Newfoundland - The Newfoundland is a majestic beast with long hair that needs to be groomed at least once a week. They shed all year round and that could lead to mats and quite the fur collection in your home. Newfoundland dog grooming requires long haired dog grooming tools that will cut back on the mess and keep your pup looking great! Just make sure you get a large ninja for them!

  • Shih Tzu - These little guys are much smaller than the previous pup! Their coats are long and must be maintained weekly as well, however, they will require the medium grooming brush due to their long hair. Your pup will learn to love how it feels to be brushed. It is both luxurious and beneficial!

  • Aussie - The Australian Shepherd usually takes some shears to make sure that they are properly groomed but with a medium sized ninja product that changes. They have a beautiful coat that must be maintained just as often as any other dog. A large ninja will be the most beneficial to making a difference in their thick fur.

  • Greyhound - Greyhounds are amazing. They require a short hair dog brush, as they have very short hair. They also very rarely smell bad and need to be groomed far less than other dogs. The smaller Ninja or medium sized ninja would be best for this breed.

  • Bernese Mountain Dog - This giant breed has some pretty long fur! Their luxurious locks need to be maintained once or twice a week to make sure that nothing knots. A larger ninja would be best for this guy. They are far more prone to mats and tangles than the average dog so it’s best to check them day to day to prevent them from matting.

  • Goldendoodles - Most often known as a therapy dog, these gentle giants must be maintained on a day to day basis. They mat quite easily and simple observation can life a lot more comfortable for them. The smaller ninja could benefit this breed, but it may be best to have both small and medium sizes. It truly depends on how often you groom them.

  • Cocker Spaniel - This breed requires some serious knowledge, as they can have some fierce coats that are hard to groom. Many owners simply have them shaved down but, they could have some gorgeous long fur if permitted. The larger ninja helps with longer fur. They must be maintained a couple times a week to prevent matting and knots.

  • Maltese - These cute little pups have varying haircut types which impact how much grooming is necessary. The puppy cut makes it much easier and all they need is a small ninja to help maintain it.

  • Havanese - Same as the other smaller dogs on this list, depending on the cut, they may require a bigger ninja. Grooming them weekly will help to maintain their beautiful fur.

  • Golden Retriever - This long haired dog needs to be groomed a few times a week to make sure that their hair doesn't get tangled. A large ninja groomer can help with that and make your retriever grooming a breeze.

  • Husky - Huskies have some thick fur that requires more attention than the average dog. This is due to the fact that they are meant to live in very cold, snowy environments. To prevent matting and tangles, use the large ninja a couple times a week. Having the proper Husky grooming tools can make a big difference in ease and time saved.

  • Portuguese Water Dog - These cuties rarely shed, but it is important to maintain their fur with a groom ninja consistently it will help to make sure their beautiful and unique fur doesn't mat or tangle, keeping them looking fabulous!

  • Poodle - Add the ninja to your poodle grooming kit! Much like many other breeds on this list, they can easily mat without maintenance. They may not shed a lot, but there are other benefits to using a ninja. Poodles are by far one of the coolest doggy cuts in the game! They look awesome when properly maintained.
  • Schnauzer - Schnauzer grooming is another level of dog grooming these guys must be maintained consistently. The ninja is beneficial for the in-between haircuts and depending on their cut, they could benefit from either size. Check out their multi-sized dog grooming tool kits to save the most.

There are hundreds of different breeds of dogs, many of them different types of coats that require different grooming levels, special grooming and perhaps even special tools. Groom Ninja set out to simplify this for the busy dog owner and loving pooch with100% american made dog grooming tools capable of everything from Newfoundland dog grooming to your chihuahua. Grooming pets should be a relaxing and bonding experience for both involved it’s our mission to provide the best pet tools possible.